I was talking with someone today who is gluten intolerant and has a girlfriend who is diagnosed celiac.  He was telling me that gluten definitely has an effect on him.  Not only does he not feel good after ingesting gluten, but he also gets brain fog and depression exactly 3 days after eating gluten.  And his girlfriend is extremely sensitive to gluten and feels the effects after ingesting gluten.  Then he told me something very intriguing.  He said that they visited a bakery in Napa that only used ancient wheat grains in making their artisan bread.  Apparently the bakery had enough of a compelling story that the wheat they were using was from way back prior to the GMO phase, or “franken wheat days” that they both tried it.

Guess what???  None of them had a reaction to it!!!  Wait!!  What??!!  How could that be?  I wonder if the GMO wheat is the component that makes us all react horribly?

Although, I was talking with another celiac person the other day and they said that one of the first cases of celiac was about 100 years ago before the GMO days – gotta wonder.  It’s worth looking into though in my eyes, this whole GMO thing.  I try and not eat anything that has been genetically modified.  Thoughts?

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