I was talking with a friend of mine’s wife and I was telling her about the benefits of going gluten free for people that have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) like my friend has and she said that he had tried gluten free food a while ago but didn’t like the taste.  I explained to her that the gluten free foods these days are very tasty and that there’s such a variety of foods to choose from now that it’s well worth the effort to try again.

Another story along the same line was my Mother-in-law was up this way a few months ago and we went to Whole Foods where she bought some gluten free chocolate mini muffins. When we got home she tried one and said, “Oh Boy!  These are good!  I didn’t think they were going to be that good!”  Whereas I replied, “Oh yes, there’s so many really good gluten free products out there that you really have to be careful not to overeat!”

Over Christmas time I made some absolutely delicious gluten free ginger-molasses cookies!  Here’s the recipe:  Yummy!




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