Hallmark making fun of people who are gluten free


Saw this on the internet today – I actually did see this card at the Hallmark store in San Mateo, California last week and felt bad because even the greeting card industry, namely Hallmark Cards, is making fun of people who NEED to NOT eat gluten for their health.  Who else is going to jump on the “Let’s bash the gluten free people” bandwagon?  Geez.

I don’t see any cards saying, “Oh, you want something peanut free?  My ASS is peanut free!”  Now some people will say, “Well, people with a peanut allergy could die if they eat it.”  I realize and acknowledge that – but what people need to understand is that people with Celiac get really sick if they ingest gluten.  And it causes a host of other problems in the body.   Read up Hallmark!  Stop making fun of people.

3 Comments on Look at this card! What a funny man. Glad he is Gluten-free haha.

  1. George Carlson says:

    Here we go again. Another hypersensitive Californian that get offended by something funny. Freedom of speech is offensive. Both sides can state the case, however, you should not get your panties in a wad because you think it may offend people that can eat gluten. I have a daughter with the condition and she almost laughed herself to death over that Hallmark card.
    Laugh more bitch less and your life will be more full of the goodness.

    • Shelley says:

      Hi George,

      Thanks for your comment. I agree with Freedom of speech. It’s just curious how they pick on the gluten allergy but won’t ever go after someone with a peanut allergy or a bee sting allergy. It just seems like the people with a gluten allergy are the ones that are being treated as if it’s not a real thing when it is. Not sure why that is. But I’m glad your daughter laughed at the card. We do need to find more things we can laugh at in this world!


  2. George Carlson says:

    Thank you for your response. I believe all my life, that nothing or no one will get between my happiness or my life. We’re only here one time, therefore, I laugh at myself and all things and I thing my daughter get it.
    The only day that I have to make an impact is today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not guaranteed. The circumstances don”t matter because that is as good is going to be, so enjoy each and every moment, take a deep breath and laugh. Love those less fortunate than you because those are the once that make you whole.
    All of us were given challanges to overcome and when I look at the challanges the other have to overcome, mine are not ever worth mention.
    Have a great day such that you can make an impact in the world and those around you. I call it leaving my mark.

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