I was diagnosed with an extreme sensitivity or intolerance to gluten but was never tested for celiac.  I immediately eliminated gluten from my diet.  My path leading up to the test for gluten sensitivity was not one of the typical sickness and malaise some people experience but more along the lines of inflammation markers that were flagged in my blood tests.  One of the markers was the HS-CRP or High-sensitive Cardio reactive protein test.  It had been elevated several years ago (I’m still pretty young for this to come back elevated) so I thought to myself that the results must not be true.  HS-CRP indicates inflammation in the body.  My regular physician at the time even said not to worry about the elevated number.  The next year I had it tested again and had gone up.  Then I also was experiencing some other weird pains and finally got some tests run that would show nutritional value of my system.  It turned out that, although I ate very fresh, clean, and healthy foods, my test results indicated malnutrition.  I thought to myself – how could that be?  I haven’t eaten any processed foods since my early 20’s.  I was eating whole grains, fresh foods, all of the healthy foods you would think of.  And then the doctor tells me that I was not absorbing all of those nutrients?  Wow!  It was then that my doctor suggested food allergy testing.  I was tested for 15 common food items (beef, chicken, oranges, bananas, almonds, soy, wheat, rice, tomato, egg, cow dairy, yeast, potato, oats, and corn).  I was absolutely shocked when the test results showed that I was sensitive to 14 of the 15 food items.  And of those 14, I was extremely sensitive to 7 of them.  Corn, cow dairy, and wheat were among the worst.  So after I had eliminated wheat and gluten from my diet (it’s been a few years now), I was wondering, does it really matter if I never got tested for celiac?  I have completely eliminated gluten from my diet and am very careful about cross contamination.  Your thoughts?  Oh, and by the way, the next time I was tested for HS-CRP, it was down to normal!

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