When I first embarked on my gluten free diet, I was already used to reading food labels, but I was always scanning for healthy ingredients, not necessarily for hidden or masked items.  Nor was I trying to determine if what was listed on the label was something I had to question as to its truthfulness.  […]

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Here’s my take on this controversial topic. Let’s get one thing straight – if you have celiac disease or have been diagnosed with gluten intolerance, you absolutely need to eliminate 100% of the gluten from your diet.  This means ALL gluten – even the hidden gluten.  But there are some people that do not have […]

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Shelley on March 1st, 2012

So my husband and I were down in Southern California visiting family (just a one hour flight) and although I was pretty well  prepared food-wise, trips like this could bring terror to someone who is just  starting out on a gluten free diet. Leaving home when newly diagnosed as gluten intolerant can be a daunting thought to a […]

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