So, after I freaked out about eliminating gluten from my diet, I realized that there were many choices out there regarding the various alternatives for finding gluten free bread. At first I thought that I might have to start making my own bread since I didn’t know if gluten free bread would be readily available at the grocery store. But I didn’t have a bread maker. I started researching different bread makers online and found that a few of them even had a gluten free setting! How cool was that? My husband and I even looked at a few of these bread makers at the store in the mall. I didn’t purchase one though because I found out that my parents had a bread maker (and my parents were both tested for gluten intolerance after me and both came back positive). My Mom had started making bread in her bread maker with Pamela’s Gluten Free Bread Mix. She said that it was really good so I tried some the next time I went over to visit. Yummy! Oh the joy of having freshly baked bread, still warm from the oven, with butter on it! I asked her if she would make me a loaf so that I could take it home for future use. I kept it in the freezer for long term keeping. As I mentioned, my parents love the bread but, of course, I was searching for that replacement for my beloved sourdough bread. The kind my parents were making was different and I found the texture to be a bit eggy and soft. So my search continued…

I tried one of the brands at the grocery store and didn’t really care for it – it tasted way too eggy. Gluten really does add a nice texture that I miss. Well, after a many more months I discovered Udi’s bread. Oh My! Udi’s bread is excellent! I think it was almost a year since I had eaten a BLT – wow; it was fabulous to finally have some bread that held up to the tomato on the BLT.

Then I tried Udi’s plain bagels. Let me tell you, they are absolutely awesome! Spread some cream cheese on them and enjoy! That is one of the treats I allow myself every once in a while for breakfast. I think I’ll have one for breakfast tomorrow!

Just this past year, I discovered another (local to Northern California called Mariposa’s in Oakland) bakery that also sells bread and other gluten free items online and at the local farmers markets. Their bread is very tasty. They also sell baguettes and buns (that I occasionally use for hamburgers) that are fabulous. And bruschetta can once again be eaten! Can’t wait for those heirloom tomatoes this summer! Enjoy.

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  1. Carolyn LS says:

    I have been trying to find a recipe for gluten free breads. I found a prepackaged Italian or pizza bread and made a loaf of bread and I loved it. I am now eating potato bread, but it has gluten in it. I have severe stomach cramps, IBS, chronic gastridus and am a Type 2 diabetic on an insulin pump.

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